Fjernvarme Fyn

Fjernvarme Fyn is one of Denmark’s largest district heating companies. We supply heating to more than 90,000 households through more than 2,100 km of district heating pipes.

The vast majority of the heat is produced at Fjernvarme Fyn’s three CHP plants on Havnegade, fuelled by waste, straw and coal.

Every day we work to develop production and supplies for tomorrow’s society. We have come a long way in the transition to sustainable, renewable energy production. Recently, we announced an agreement with Facebook to utilise surplus heat from their forthcoming data centre in Odense for district heating.

At the same time, we are converting Fjernvarme Fyn’s waste energy plant at a cost of DKK 250 million. Following the conversion, the plant’s capacity and the energy from waste will be utilised better and more efficiently.

That’s why the future’s green for Fjernvarme Fyn, and for generations to come.


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